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Cape of Spirits Reaction

Episode 35

Cape of Spirits Episode 35 greets us like an old friend with a grudge. With the reunion of Jinsei and co and the retrieval of their belongings, our Quartet bursts into the episode seeking their freedom. The first panel we encounter is a close up of….

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Cape of Spirits: Season 2 Premiere Episode 31 reaction (Contains Spoilers)

Cape of spirits has very quickly become one of my favorite webtoons. When we last left Jinsei, Flayvus, and Kanae they were captured and interred in an empire dungeon. Season 2 picks right up where season 1 ended. As with the finale, it is accompanied by a piano theme written by Sophism. It is an impactful touch that perfectly evokes the overarching atmosphere. We are shown Jinsei, alone in his cell seeming to be at peace on the surface. There is something majestic about the dark tones, the detailed wall and the reserved way that Jinsei sits. It evokes…..

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